Elias Pelcastre

WhatsApp for iPhone just got a major update, these are the goods

WhatsApp, and more importantly, iPhone users, rejoice. The Facebook owned messaging app got updated to add a quite broad range of features.

WhatsApp 2.12.15 includes nine new features – that’s right, NINE. The goodies are the following.

For starters, you can now add a custom notification to every person by tapping on the “i” button next to a user’s name. That means there is now the possibility to assign a ringtone and a message sound to a friend.

WhatsApp also enables you to back your videos on the cloud. To do this, head to the Chat Backup tab inside Chats and Calls right in the Settings section.

Another neat feature is the swipe to the right action to mark a particular message as read or unread. Tap on a message bubble and move your finger to the right to change a text’s status.

You can share contacts and locations from the Contacts app and Apple Maps, respectively. Just tap the share button inside both Apple apps to send content to your WhatsApp friends.

Othe features include:

• Better support for VoiceOver
• Lower the data usage used during WhatsApp calls in Settings > Chats and Calls
• Earlier messages now load automatically as you scroll chats
• Improved design for cropping photos and videos
• Location messages now use a large map thumbnail

Download the update on your the App Store, inside the Updates tab on your iPhone, or get the WhatsApp app here for free.

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