Shazam is one of the best apps to identify songs that are playing around.

It displays the song that is on, the lyrics to the track and the official video. It also gives you the ability to listen to the tune on Rdio and Spotify. The good news is that now you can add the song you identify with Shazam to your Spotify or Rdio playlists.

To do this, identify a song using Shazam. Tap on the play button on the right of the screen selects “Listen with Spotify” or “Listen with Rdio”.

Shazam will ask you to connect to the music streaming service with your Spotify or Rdio username and password. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a premium subscription.

After you link your Spotify or Rdio account, on the main screen you will see a “+” button on the top right corner. Tap on it to add the track to a playlist.

Add Shazam songs to Spotify playlists

Just select a playlist from your streaming service to finish. Thas it! Now the song that you “shazammed” will be available on the playlist you chose – that means you won’t have to look manually on Spotify or Rdio for the song you identified.

The new Shazam feature is available on iPhone and Android. You can download the latest version of the app for free here. What do you think of the new playlist feature? Please let me know in the comment section.