Apple released a new public beta, which means the Cupertino giant is giving “normal” people a new software installment every two weeks.

The update, which is available as an over-the-air download for users that have the beta installed, took four minutes to download. The installation time is not that bad considering it could take up to an hour to download and run.

The third public better feels as the previous version. There is nothing new on the home screen and nothing strikes me as exciting.

Most of the changes were made to improve the system’s stability under the hood. I still have to check if Apple improved the battery usage on the new iOS 9 public beta because the second update made it last for less time.

iOS 9 Public Beta 3

I am waiting to see the News app pop up on the Home screen – I guess Apple will release it on the next beta. My favorite app, The Guardian, doesn’t allow picture in picture videos, as it used to in the first public beta.

Regrettably, there’s not enough to report on iOS 9 public beta 3. I’m looking forward to the next version of the software. Have you installed iOS 9 Public Beta 3? What do you think of the update? Please leave your comments below.