Elias Pelcastre

Microsoft Translate brings a translator to your Android Wear smartwatch

You can use Google Translator on your Android Wear smartwatch. All you have to do is raise the watch to your mouth, say “OK Google” and ask for a translation.

Now you have another option at your disposal. Microsoft updated its Translate app for Android devices to include Android Wear support.

As is customary, updates tend to get to users at a different pace. If you can’t wait to try the new Translate version download it from APK Mirror here.

Before I go on and review the app, remember that to install an APK file you need to enable the “Unknown sources” feature on your Android smartphone. After you install Microsoft Translate, turn the “Unknown sources” button back off to avoid the installation of malicious apps.

Microsoft Translate will take a minute to appear on your Android Wear smartwatch. Just make sure your smartphone connects to your watch.

Tap two times on the watch’s Home screen and swipe down until you find Microsoft Translator. Press on the microphone icon and say something to get a translation.

On the bottom part of the watch’s screen, you can select the input and output languages. Microsoft offers a very cool translation effect and provides an interpretation on the watch, as well as a sound pronunciation on your smartphone.

Swipe to the left on the watch to see a translation history, and to the right to access the words that you have pinned. To pin a word, just tap on the translation and swipe to the right to mark it (you can unpin words immediately after you mark them or inside the “Pin” screen).

Microsoft Translate displays accurate translations to words like “hello” and “goodbye”. The app is very useful to get a meaning right on the spot when you don’t have a dictionary near you.

This is how Microsoft Translate works:

What do you think of Microsoft Translate for Android Wear? Do you prefer it over Google Translate?

Download Microsoft Translate for Android 4.3 or above