Elias Pelcastre

Four Chrome extensions to try this weekend on your Mac or PC


The weekend is upon us, time to unwind and do the things we couldn’t after a busy schedule.

If you use Chrome and are looking for some extensions to enhance your desktop experience, these are four extensions to try out.


Hola is a free and unlimited VPN that enables you to access geographically restricted content. The main use I could think you can give to Hola is watching movies and series on the U.S. version of Netflix. To use Hola all you have to is select a country from the extension icon on Chrome’s menu bar and open a “restricted” website. Hola offers smooth and private browsing or streaming.

Black Menu

Are you a Google user? Black Menu puts all the search giant services in one place. This free Chrome extension enables you to access Gmail, Google Play Music, Maps, Google Search, Drive, YouTube and Google News, to name a few. Black Menu has a very neat interface, although Play Music failed to display my tracks.


Like Grammarly, Ginger corrects punctuation and spelling mistakes. The extension is free, although there is a premium option that corrects your grammatical errors. Ginger displays an icon on the menu bar that brings a pop-up window where you can write and see your grammatical “areas of opportunity”.


Momentum turns your “New tab” page into a dashboard with the time, the weather, a to-do tool and inspirational quotes. On the top right corner, you can do a quick search on Google and add your favorite links for easy access. The screen also displays a beautiful photo in the background.

Chrome offers a wide selection of extensions that add something new and different to your browser – it doesn’t matter if you are using a Mac or a PC. Do you know of any interesting Chrome extensions? Please share them on the comment section

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