Are you looking to rent or buy a house in the UK? The most obvious option would be to download Zoopla, a property app that lists properties to buy or rent from all over the country.

If you want an alternative to Zoopla, but still like the listings offered by one of the “UK’s leading sources” you should try Knocker.

Knocker is very easy to use: download and open the free property app; grant access to your location to let it show you available near properties.

Knocker has a very simplistic and attractive interface. To see properties to rent or buy, just tap on the hamburger menu on the top left.

Knocker app

App for iPhone to rent a property in the UK

The home screen displays a box with a property image, the distance from your location, the number of rooms it has, and a phone button to call the owner. You can also favorite a property and share it on Facebook, Twitter, email and text message.

If you tap on the blue section of a house or flat, a map will pop up displaying the location of the property. And if you press on the property picture you will get access to all the details provided by Zoopla.

You can also see all your saved properties by tapping on the “clip” button on the top-right part of the screen.

I liked Knocker. It’s a very straightforward, responsive and clean app, and one that can’t miss from your iPhone if you’re looking to buy or rent.

Download Knocker free for iPhone with iOS 8 or later