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InboxVudu, an inbox that prioritizes your emails on your phone and smartwatch

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Your inbox can get full from time to time. InboxVudu is a new app that want to make checking your email less “stressful”.

Available for iPhone and iPad, as well as the desktop Chrome version through an extension, InboxVudu displays only new messages after you link your Gmail account to the service.

I tried it sending myself an email using a different account. InboxVudu took a while to notify me I got a new message.

After five minutes, my iPhone displayed a notification on Notification Center; inside the iPhone and iPad app InboxVudu highlighted the important part of the message as you can see below.

The Follow Ups section showed a message with a sentence that hinted I needed to give a follow up to a task. I asked a colleague to let me know if she got some details I sent her.

Once I tapped on an email on InboxVudu I was redirected to the iPhone’s mail app. In other words, InboxVudu is just a “one-stop” solution that links you to your original message.

InboxVudu also has an Apple Watch app that only notifies you when you got an important and urgent email.

The app is pretty basic; you get a Gmail button to link your account, and a blank (slightly orangey) screen to see your most important messages. If you are a busy person, InboxVudu may be of great help to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for free for iOS 8 or above and only weighs 7 MB. As I said before, InboxVudu offers an Apple Watch compatibility and a Chrome extension.

Did you download InboxVudu? What do you think of the app for mobile devices and desktop computers? Please let me know in the comment section below and thank you for reading eliaspelcastre.com.

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