Elias Pelcastre

Messenger, an app to chat with “the whole world”

I discussed whether Soma, a new messenger app, was a WhatApp challenger. The iPhone and Android app offers a free-for-life solution that doesn’t display ads inside.

That article had a lot of traction and is one of the most read posts on the website. So, to bring in more hype, I decided to try a new chat solution called simply “Messenger”.

Messenger is available for Android, though, and requires you to access with a Facebook or Google+ account. Messenger says you can “chat with the whole world” through the app.

Invite friends on the Contact section posting a pre-made link on your friends’ Facebook walls and play a tic tac toe game with a random person (I liked this feature, and looks like something that can differentiate Messenger from other chatting opponents).

But the main “star” feature of Messenger is its search button. It enables you to start a conversation with someone you don’t know or look up a person by their username or email.

I see this as either dangerous or enriching. You don’t know who is at the end of the line, but you can end up meeting someone very nice.

I would advice you to use this feature with a pinch of salt and keep an eye on youngsters that use it. Although if you want to chat with someone you need to send them an invitation, and they have to accept, and vice versa.

There is a tool to edit your profile and add a photo, your gender, your country and include a description.

Messenger displayed a full-screen ad every time I clicked on the Settings tab, where you can select your language, hide your name from poping up in the network and disable ads for a $3 fee.

The app has a very simple interface and makes chatting with friends and random people easy. Messenger requires Android 4.0 or later and works with tablets and smartphones.

Did you try Messenger? Did you like it?