Elias Pelcastre

Watch this “unaired” Fantastic Four movie before it’s taken down 

Fantastic Four is available in many cinemas around the world. Apparently, the film didn’t have the success Fox was expecting as it recollected over 26 million dollars.

In comparison, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation brought in 60 million dollars. That makes it the worst Marvel release after the Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance fiasco. Fantastic Four even has a sequel planned for June 2017.

If you watched the new Fantastic Four, the next “unaired” movie of the franchise might go in tune with the latest release.

“The Fantastic Four” is a film from 1994 that was never meant to be seen. Nevertheless, Your Geek News uploaded a leaked copy to DailyMotion, the safe heaven for free content with copyright.

You can watch The Fantastic Four in full after the break.

I recommend you watch the old and unaired movie as soon as possible. There may be no time to go to the store and buy yourself some popcorn, as owners take it down under a copyright notice.

Fantastic Four looks a little bit old but has a nice 90s feeling that makes it a nice film to watch this afternoon wherever you are. What do you think of the film? Let me know in the comment section.