Elias Pelcastre

Android Experiments, Goggle’s new open source portfolio of apps

I used to be an Apple fanboy; I fell in love with the iPod “video” and the iPhone 3G. But after I bought the Moto G 2013 Android won me over.

I still like my iPhone 6 Plus – the Moto G started to feel slow and unresponsive – but I’m amazed by the openness of Google.

To display new experiments being cooked by developers, the search giant has created the website Android Experiments. Android Experiments presents a section with the best experimental apps; each one has a YouTube video, few samples and a description.

The Home also showcases all nineteen experiments. Tilt cut my attention, thanks to a Bluetooth connection that enables several people to navigate a variety of mazes with the motion sensor.

Ink Space uses the accelerometer to make your drawings look in a 3D fashion while Time Fresh is an Android Wear watch face that uses physics to change “your perception of time”.

Selfie x Selfie “opens a metaphysical portal in your mobile device that lets you travel deep into the hyperspace of your selfie”. The app is a selfie camera that turns your photos into groovy pictures.

If you are a developer, Android Experiments has a “Submit your own” button to help you put your experiment up on the website. These are what Google is looking for:

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