If you love Google Now and own an iPhone as I do, you will do even more. Google has released a new update for iOS devices that bring the digital assistant to a new level.

Google Search 7.0 for iPhone and iPad devices (Oh, and don’t forget the brand new iPod lineup) brings an enhanced “OK Google” command.

Let’s say you are reading about Shakespeare on Wikipedia and can’t find his place of origin. All you have to do is say “OK Google, where is he from” and the assistant will give you an immediate answer.

Did you notice that you don’t have to ask “where is Shakespeare from”? That is one of the features that Google is bringing to the digital assistant in Android M and now has landed in iOS.

Remember to give Google Search permission to use the device’s microphone. Otherwise, you will find yourself saying “OK Google” and getting nothing in response (like I did while writing this article).

OK Google iPhone

But that’s not all: Google Now displays “more detailed local search results” with more Google-Maps-like information, and you can copy and paste from anywhere in the app.

I like the way Google spoils iOS before Android users. What do you think of the new Google Search update for iOS?

You can download for iPhone, iPad and I both such with iOS 7 or later