Apple likes adding features that kill specialized apps. iOS 9 is soon to include a new reader app that could put Feedly and other RSS options out of business.

You can add flight tracking to the list. iOS 9 has a not so hidden feature that enables users to track flights on an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with just a tap.

Flight tracking will also be available on OS X El Capitan when it officially arrives on Mac computers this fall.

I have the iOS 9 public beta installed on my iPad Air 2 and managed to test the new “gem”. To try the new flight tracking feature, all you have to do is write (or copy and paste) the airline and flight number with a hashtag on an email, message or note.


Flight tracking on iOS 9

Tap on the underlined text to see a “Preview Flight” option, as well as the “Copy” alternative. iOS 9 will display the flight status, departure, and destination cities as well as the exact departure and landing time.

In the article, I tell you how to install the public beta of iOS 9, in case you want to try the flight tracking feature for yourself.

I haven’t tried this, but OS X El Capitan also has the hidden gem. Write the airline and flight number on the previously mentioned Apple apps and hover over the text with the mouse to access the feature.

Flight tracking apps, start trembling. What do you think of Apple’s “hidden gem”? Did you find it useful?