Everyone loves a drink and travelling is a perfect opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone and try the local liquid delicacy. Here are my six favourites.

Pisco Sour, Peru

This drink, made of Pisco liqueur, egg whites, lime juice and syrup is ubiquitous in bars all over the country. The mix of ingredients might sound questionable, but it is extremely tasty.

Singapore Sling, Singapore

Singapore Sling

Originating in the posh Raffles hotel, this gin-based cocktail still attracts tourists to the hotel from all over.

Soju, Korea


In any traditional Korean setting, this drink will be poured for you before your meal. It is starch based, and it frankly doesn’t taste near as good as the warm fuzzy feeling it gives you.

Caipirinha, Brazil


There had to be a drink to compliment the title, ‘party capital of the continent.’ It is sold all over the streets and beaches, often very cheaply helping to inject excitement into the country’s laid-back vibe.

Limoncello, Italy


Made from lemons and syrup this bright yellow liquid is often sipped after a meal.

Champagne, France


It has to be the most prestigious drink in the world; this sparkling wine is made from grapes only from the Champagne region. This is the bottle to wack out at a party if you’re looking to impress.