I remember an episode from the IT Crowd where Douglas Reynholm, Jenn Barber’s boss, says “I’m like your PA because I made the tea”.

Genee wants to be your PA or personal assistant. That if you have an iPhone with iOS 7 or later.

Grant the app access to your calendar and start scheduling meetings in a very simple way. Genee displays the phrase “Schedule a meeting with someone” where “meeting” and “someone” are highlighted in green.

Tap on meeting to select from different events, like lunch, call, and breakfast; someone lets you select a person from the contacts app.

Personal assistant for iPhone

After you establish both criteria and tap the green hand button, the other person will receive an invitation email and you will see the meeting scheduled at the bottom of the screen. The left menu lets you know if the meeting has been accepted, and if not, you can send the person an acceptance reminder.

Genee has a bell icon that lets you access all your scheduling history. That’s it; the app is pretty basic and developers accept the app isn’t intended to replace real personal assistants.

The only downside to Genee is that it doesn’t offer a native iPad app. Genee’s tablet version needs to be scaled on a 2x screen and it looks pixelated.

You can try the public beta by downloading the free app on the App Store. Did you try Genee? Did you like it? Please let me know in the comment section below.