Some developers decide to release their games on iOS only, maybe because they are attracted to the platform or want to get to a particular user sector.

Android gamers, you don’t have to feel left out anymore. I just found a website that lets you play iOS games on your Android device for free.

Most of the games hosted on the site are not considered mainstream but give you a taste of iOS titles without owning an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

All you need to play iOS games on your Android smartphone or tablet is your Chrome browser and Silver Games.

How to play iOS games on Android

On this HTML5 website, you will find over 200 games, most of them available only in the Apple App Store. To play a game, just tap on a title, push play and use your fingers on the touchscreen to move around.

Silver Games hosts the addictive, and well extinct, game Flappy Bird. You know, the one where you have to get a bird through Mario-Bros-like pipes and avoid hitting the floor, and a game that got the developer Dong Nguyen almost $50K a day.

Other titles hosted by Silver Games include Katana Fruits, Popstar Dentist, Zombie Invasion and Nut Rush.

I have to point out games mute music in the background. The website works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well, in case you fancy playing Flappy Bird, as it is not available on the App Store.

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