I’m not a big fan of the band Disturbed. I like their hits, Down With The Sickness, Inside The Fire and Indestructible.

I have their albums on my Google Play Music library but rarely listen to them. That’s why I decided to sit through their latest CD, Immortalized and see if it catches my attention.

Immortalized, with a 53-minute length, is made of 13 tracks, each tune of around 4 minutes. I will write my impressions as I listen to the album.

The Eye of the Storm starts things off with a guitar solo that gives you a sense of what’s to come. The 1:20-minute tune distillates a mild flavor of desperation.

Immortalized – the song that gives the name to the album – begins right away, and gives you little time to adjust. It has a vibe that got my head nodding in a very heavy metal way.

David Draiman’s vocals resonate to the beating of the drums and the powerful guitars. Immortalized reminds of when I discovered Disturbed, back in 2007.

Now it’s turn for The Vengeful One, with a very Metallica-like start and slow bridges. Disturbed has this Messiah theme that surrounds their overall message, and The Vengeful One is not the exception.

Drums and guitars mix on minute 2:35 and make you want to break things around you (don’t worry, I didn’t do anything). The song goes on for a bit longer, just to open some space for Open your eyes to kick in, with its structured drumming and “Ooh” chorus and ending.

Just when I started getting pumped, The Light stopped me with its rather a slow tone and hopeful lyrics. “Sometimes darkness can show you the light” sings the chorus.

Right at what one could call half of the album, What Are You Waiting For picked me up from the calm inspired by the Light and introduced me to an upbeat start and chorus. Almost at the end, guitars and drums got me back to the rocker mood I was feeling during Immortalized.

You Are Mine starts slow again and introduces an electronic sound, but keeps the classic rock instruments throughout the track. At the middle, the rocking continues with up and down guitar cords.

I like the bridge between tracks. Who has the classic “ah-ah” guttural scream that characterizes Disturbed, and an “Oh-oh” chorus that accompanies the lyrics. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about Who – the song is not slow but has an intense bridge.

Save our Last Goodbye plays a message from an answering machine. Apparently, the song is about a breakup seen from a rocker’s point of view – with an upbeat guitar and drumming on the background while Draiman releases his pain and exasperation. And it looks like at the end the girl from the lyrics changed her number (that’s got to hurt).

Fire It Up has a mysterious and pyromaniac feeling, mixed with a heavy-metal chorus; and The Sound of Silence breaks the mold with a slow and slightly dark cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s original song.

The track mixes piano and acoustic guitar. Surprisingly enough, it has a very powerful tone and sticks to Disturbed’s style.

Never Wrong reminded me of Down With The Sickness, with its quick lyrics and screams. The only thing missing was the “oh-ah-ah-ah”.

The final track, Who Taught You How To Hate closes with a not-too-rapid rhythm and slow bridge. The guitar and drums give the song a powerful feeling right before the end.

I would listen to the album again; this is the fist time I sit through a full record of Disturbed, and I can say I enjoyed it.

Take a look at the making of Immortalized after the break.

What did you think of the album? You can listen to Immortalized on iTunes First Play and buy it on August 21.