Contouring; the struggle is real. Admit it, we all have had those moments where we apply our foundation in with our hands instead of a brush. Or skimp on blending our neck because we hope our hair will cover the tide marks. So to have an entire collection designed to be used by your fingers! I’m first in line.


If you haven’t heard of Nudestix, it will soon become your best friend. Nudestix is the creation of two young women, Ally, 15 and Taylor, 18. Both are models, and their savvy mother Jenny Frankel, is a chemical engineer whose been developing beauty products for almost twenty years for brands like MAC and Cover FX, so you know you’re in good hands (pun intended).


Their brand focuses on the nude/natural look, something to put in your travel luggage, or better yet, apply on our way to work or university in the car. The entire line is composed of easy to use crayons to do eyes, lips, and face with your hands.


Face it (another pun intended), we are never bothered to stack on the makeup for every day tasks. Nudestix have simplified the technical work behind contouring, they’ve made it idiot-proof. The Nudestix Sculpting Pencil is a dual-ended and matte cream designed to chisel your face with a contouring shade on one end, and a highlighting shade with no glitter on the other. To add to that natural feel, the pencils come in an eco-packaged collectable tin with a large mirror and pencil sharpener. Days feel fresher and lighter when your face isn’t oily or congested with heavy foundation and five brushes to blend. Finally, a collection dedicated to us amateurs.


If you’re confused about the contouring scene and want to purchase these wonderful tools, visit for your HOW TO guide.

Enjoy colouring.