Elias Pelcastre

Hangouts web, a new and much simpler Google Hangouts for desktop

Good news for people who don’t want to install the Hangouts app on their mobile device. Hangouts is now available on the web.
Hangouts.google.com displays a quick tutorial on how to use Hangouts web. You can send a message to a friend or start a group conversation, video or voice chat with someone and synchronize conversations on all your devices.

The Home screen has a very appealing interface. On the background, the picture of a bird (which changes automatically), and on the center three big buttons to make the video chat, a voice call or send a message.

Hangouts for the web puts all your text messages on the left side for easy access, and the hamburger menu enables you to download the mobile app on your iPhone and Android.

Keep in mind that this version of Hangouts only works on a desktop browser. I tried opening Hangouts web on an iPad, but Safari showed me an error message.

I used Hangouts web on a laptop and the app for iPhone to try the new website. Google made me install the video and voice software on my Mac to start video chatting.

When I tried to call myself, Hangouts web opened a new pop-up window. Everything worked fine, and the video quality was very good, as you can see in the following picture I took on my iPhone.

I would recommend Hangouts web for people who use a desktop computer and don’t want to install the app on an iPhone, iPad or Android device and try to avoid interruptions.

It has a very slick and clean interface, and Hangouts web puts all your contacts and the calling and messaging buttons on the center of the screen. There are no distractions or confusions.

What do you think of the new Hangouts web? Please let me know in the comments section below.