Elias Pelcastre

Opera Max now saves you more mobile data

If you are constrained by mobile data limitations or a slow Wi-Fi, you should give Opera Max a try.

The app, available free for Android devices, lets you “save data by compressing videos, images, and webpages”.

Apparently, savings work with most apps on Android smartphones. After you agree to Opera Max’s terms and conditions, you will see on the home screen the savings the app made on Wi-Fi and mobile data usage.

I decided to watch a video on YouTube. The official Galaxy Note 5 hands on charged in just five seconds.

Opera Max displayed the YouTube app on top of the “Today” section, and the amount of data the video used. To make savings you just need to turn on Opera Max’s VPN tool on the menu section located on the left side of the screen.

When I turned on my mobile network, a 14-megabyte video just consumed 6.7 megabytes, translating into a 33 percent saving. The savings feature could prove very useful while on the go, especially when you want to spend less money.

You can block apps from consuming Wi-Fi or mobile Internet by tapping the “App Management” button on the menu tab. Opera Max also says it enhances your smartphone’s battery to offer you more juice wherever you are.

Opera Max has some limitations, though. The app doesn’t optimize:

I can see Opera Max benefitting not only people in developing countries, where the cost of Internet is high but users who want to save money in their monthly data consumption.

What do you think of Opera Max? Please let me know in the comment section.

Download Opera Max for free for smartphones with Android 4.0