Your browser can be your best friend when you’re trying to cook or know what you’re eating. These are some tools to help out when it comes to food.



Spelt is a type of “online table of contents”. The website may not go as far as to tell you the exact chemical substances used in a bag of Doritos, but it gives you some details you might find useful when trying to watch your waist line.

The tool displays a search bar; enter something like “Doritos” or “milk” to see the number of calories, carbs, fat and protein the product contains. You can also type an accurate measure like “3 oz” and create a shopping list.



You don’t need an app to access some recipes online. AllRecipes (or “allrecipes”) puts right on your mobile device a search tool to look for any dish you can think of.

And if you’re short of ideas, just browse through the home for a recipe that catches your attention. Each recipe has a list of ingredients, a store near you where you can but them (US only), a set of directions and sharing options to let people know your cooking something delicious.

You can also ask your questions to the allrecipes community.



ChefSteps is a website for people who want to “master techniques of traditional and modernist cooking through practical, hands-on demonstrations with detailed step-by-step explanations”. It offers free books even if you don’t sign up, that you can access on your mobile device.