It’s not just Monday mornings we are tired of anymore. It seems that every chance we get to sleep in a couple more minutes, or get out of that social gathering to spend a night at home in our pyjamas, is becoming more of a reality. You’ve probably come across detox diets, cleanses, and to be fair, they all have SOME credibility to them. There will never be only one routine considered to be the holy grail of detoxing. But to be honest, detoxes can be very skeptical, expensive, and more of a tedious chore.

You’ve probably seen pictures on Instagram and Pinterest of glasses of water with vibrant lemons and a statement about how it’s changed their life. It’s easy to take these images at face value, and most won’t end up actually drinking lemon water regularly. If you’re looking for something to substitute your morning coffee, lemon water can do wonders.

Here are just a few reasons why adding lemon to your water can be effective.

  1. It´s good for your pH level. The assumption that lemons are highly acidic is common, when in fact they have incredible alkalising properties.
  1. Promotes skin repair. Lemons are packed with Vitamin C, which helps the production of collagen, a type of protein that is responsible for the skin’s elasticity.
  1. High in potassium, meaning it’s good for your heart health, as well as brain and nerve function.
  1. Boost your immune system. Lemons help fight off bacteria, parasites and viruses in your body.
  1. Helps with bad breath. The antiseptic qualities in lemon juice help kill off bad bacteria in the mouth by acing as a disinfectant. Don’t worry about the acid harming tooth enamel as you would have drink copious amounts of it to strip the enamel.
  1. Decreases your appetite. Lemons contain pectin fibre, which helps starve off hunger. The fibre creates a feeling of fullness, and although I know you’re thinking, why would I not want to eat! By feeling fuller for longer, you’re less likely to snack on those Tim Tams or pull into McDonalds drive thru because you’re hungry on the drive home.

What makes this beneficial is that it’s cost effective, nothing strenuous and not a difficult item to add to your daily intake.

Look, we’ve all accompanied lemon with our beloved tequila on a big night out. But it’s always a good idea to replace the tequila with some water, especially in the morning, because I’d call you an alcoholic if you were taking shots at 9am.  I’m a firm believer of balance, and my days have certainly felt more energised with a glass of lemon water.

The debate around detoxes and cleanses only intensify with the numerous food, fitness and health blogs increasing on the internet. It’s a hassle and overwhelming going through all sorts of information, deciphering what’s true and false. What it comes down to are the basics. What works for you is only something you yourself are going to know. Essentially, you control what goes into your body, and this can affect what energy or even personality you put out, so why not make it a good one.