Elias Pelcastre

Raft, a very “social” calendar for iPhone and iPad

Raft wants to give Google Calendar a run for its money with its social solution.

Available for iPhone and iPad, Raft “makes it easy to share events and calendar with your partner and friends”.  Raft is a “social calendar”; that is why it asks you to log in with your Facebook email and password to start “having fun”.

After a (not so) quick tutorial, you get to add events and share them with friends who have Raft installed on their device. Plans can also be shared on Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram– all property of Facebook.

If you don’t like the three main sharing options, just tap on the three-dotted button to share an event on WhatsApp, Twitter and any social app you may have installed on your device.

The main screen displays a 7-day calendar and a list of things you might have planned for today. To add an event you can either tap on the “+” button on the top right or simple press “Add plan” inside the events list.

On the bottom of the Home, Raft puts a feed, a comment section, an inbox and your profile with all the friends who have the app.

You can either see the friends who already use Raft or look for random people on the social network and ask them to be your invitees.

Even though Raft is a social app, you can set events as private for your eyes only. The app has a nice interface that fits with iOS 7 and 8 (it requires at least the first to work).

The only downside to Raft is that the app doesn’t have a native iPad version. I wish developers take this into account and give tablet users a proper calendar experience.

I think Raft could be very useful for people who have an active Facebook life, as well as their friends who use the app. If, like me, Facebook is not your cup of tea, I suggest you stick to Google Calendar ?

Download raft for free on the App Store here, and please leave me your comments below.