Elias Pelcastre

I just tried Bing Snapshots on my Android and found it quite useful

You are maybe wondering if I’m talking about a new Microsoft app. I thought that too much when I read the news on the Internet.

Snapshots is a beta feature that joined the Android search solution. It gives you information about the things you’re doing inside other apps without doing a manual search.

First of all, you need an Android 4.4 smartphone or tablet that is set in US English. Otherwise, Snapshots won’t work. Now, download and install Bing’s 5.4.25151013 version (that’s a very long number) to opt in and give the novelty a try.

After you accept, Bing will redirect you to the Accessibility section, where you have to turn on Bing. You’ll notice the screen displays a floating bubble on the right side.

Access an app, like YouTube; open a video and move the Bing bubble to the center of the screen. Bing will display a box with suggestions, without taking you out of the app in question.

I played the video “Castle of Glass” by Linkin Park, dragged the Bing bubble to the center and got a box with a search tool, a microphone, and two suggestions.

The first suggestion led me to a Wikipedia entry of the band and Ticketmaster and Spotify buttons. The second one displayed details of the song on Wikipedia, as well as YouTube and Spotify links.  There is also a down-facing arrow for more information, like lyrics, music video, and the band’s top songs.

Bing Snapshots works on Instagram and any app that has searchable information (Snapshots didn’t do anything when I used it on a picture of a dog).

This new feature offers an easier way of looking for things, leaving the days of having to exit an app to access the browser to do a search behind. What do you think of Bing Snapshots?

Download Bing for Android smartphones and tablets for free here