Ladies, let’s get personal. I want to know, how do you do up your bra? It turns out, the way we put on our bras might say more about us than we think.

According to body language and human behaviour specialist, Patti Wood, there are four personality types. Wood explains:

There are four distinct personality types — drivers, influencers, supporters, and careful correctors — who tend to have very unique ways of doing things, even small tasks. Everything you do — and the way you do it — comes together to form a story about yourself, and there’s no reason your undergarments shouldn’t be a part of that.

Patti’s book called Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, breaks down the four personality traits.

Here’s what we learn.

  1. You Clasp Your Bra From the Back. If you have this skill unknown to me of reaching all the way behind your back to do it up, firstly, #legend (I don’t even bother to try.) Secondly, you’re a supporter. You like to stick to tradition, someone your friends can rely on. You go Glen Coco.


  1. You Clasp Your Bra In The Front, Then Rotate It to the Back. (You’re obviously me.)
    What it says about you… You’re an influencer. You’re a woman who likes to feel appreciated, supported and look the part that you’re presenting yourself as. There’s not a chance you’re missing a clasp. You do all the tricky stuff where you can see it so that you can be sure nothing goes wrong.


  1. You Use A Front-Clasping Bra. You’re a driver #Boss. You opt for a front clasper so you can get it done right and move on with your day. Your bras are high quality because you don’t want to spend hours shopping for nothing. You make well-researched decisions and are always dedicated.


  1. You Clasp Before Putting on Your Bra. Careful Corrector. You clasp your bra in its proper place once, then wriggle your way in and out. You know it’s set where you want it and you don’t have to correct it time and time again. You’re more of a solo shopper, and like to have what works, nothing to fancy. None the less you’re simple and efficient. You’d make me look like a mess.

There seems to be one last way Patti didn’t cover. It’s probably the most favoured, because whatever category you fall under, at the end of the day (literally), every woman unclasps and unwinds. #Freeballin. And if you’re the type that is always without a bra, I solute you.