For those people who are keen to visit Europe but who have neither the time or the money to conquer the classic locations associated with the continent, a trip to the Baltic’s are definitely a viable option. With cheap airlines flying to most of the main cities in and around this area, there are many options for those who are considering visiting this area of the continent. Being a two hour ferry from Helsinki or a five hour bus journey from Warsaw, the three countries that make up the Baltic States, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are literally accessible from both ways.

Tallinn, Estonia

Probably the most well known of the three countries is Estonia. The capital Tallinn has become more accustomed to tourists over the recent years and although the prices have adapted to match this, it is still very reasonable. Filled with history from the ancient and creepy Soviet prison and authentic walls which surround the cobblestoned streets of the Old Town and located only a couple of kilometres from the nearest beach, it is one of the most perfect locations to relax and explore.

Riga, Latvia

The next city on most Baltic trip is Riga, located in Latvia and sandwiched between the other too countries. It has more grit than Tallinn, but is still filled with beautiful buildings, parks and museums but doesn’t seem to be overwhelmed with tourists. Saying that you will have no problem meeting people here, stag dos, solo travellers, locals, everyone is up for a good time in this city and there is a lively underground clubbing scene to match. Lastly Lithuania. The cheapest and least touristic country of the Baltic States, it’s possible to grab a meal for two with a beer each for about ten euros… and that’s for two and not each. The cities of Vilnius and Kaunas emit laid back vibes blended with history from their Soviet past and are pleasant places to spend a few days.

Travelling between these countries is pretty easy. Buses if booked in advance cost around €10 between each city and because the countries are sandwiched so close together, travel does not dominate you experience which is important for people who only have a short amount of time to take as holiday. For those who have more time it is possible to extend your trip into Finland and then Scandinavia. Or if you’re headed south, Poland offers so much for a tourist. Overall it’s such an incredibly untouched part of Europe and should be on more backpacker’s and holidaymaker’s itineraries.

Photos by Kitty Busz