If you own an iPhone, I bet you know how to multitask; just tap twice on the Home button to change between apps.

Well, the idea you’ve got of multitasking is about to change. Reboard is an app that brings a whole new way of jumping between apps, without actually “jumping” (well, sort of).

Branded a “revolutionary keyboard”, ReBoard includes a different kind of multitasking to your phone’s keyboard. Let’s start with the set up: to start using this new third-party keyboard, head to the “Keyboard” section inside the General tab of the iPhone’s Settings app.

Tap on “Keyboards” to add a new keyboard. Select ReBoard and make sure you give the app full access to your phone, by tapping on the tab that displays the name “ReBoard” inside “Keyboards”.

Now open an app that uses the keyboard, like Notes, and select ReBoard from the options. The keyboard will change to lighter gray tone, and add bigger keys.

ReBoard offers quick word suggestions, as well as a ⌘ Command button, that once you tap on it, displays a set of app buttons.

Copy a word or phrase, tap on the Command button and select one of the apps from the menu, like Internet search, Wikipedia or Youtube. ReBoard will look for it and show some results inside the keyboard.

The new third-party keyboard can also make calculations, show you the latest news and create reminders. Apparently, the music and eBay buttons don’t work outside the U.S, because of a local search restriction.

There is also a sharing option inside the command section that allows you to share YouTube videos, web searches and articles –all of this done from the keyboard – on WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.

A problem I detected is that the keyboard corrected some words, which were originally okay, without asking. I don’t know why, but I ended changing between the iOS and ReBoard keyboards unintentionally.

Nevertheless, I liked the app, and I think it can change the way you use your phone, as it speeds things up by performing some actions from the keyboard. You can download it for $2 on the following link; you just need an iPhone with iOS 8.0 or later.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.