Elias Pelcastre

The battle of the Facebook photos has begun

Facebook is filled with photos from trips, family reunions, friends gatherings and cute animals. You can spend hours looking at all your contacts’ albums, or add a little competition to the mix.

SocialBattles is an app that lets you choose a photo from your library, or take a snap with your phone’s camera and upload it to challenge your friends and the world. The aim is to get the most votes possible from people all over the social network and improve your SocialBattles’ rank.

I got caught on the main screen after I opened the app. “Battles” is the first tab that pops when you log in with your Facebook account.

You can spend hours ranking random people’s photos, and don’t need to upload a picture if you feel too shy or don’t see the point. If you want to see how popular your photo is, tap on “Create”, snap an image or select one from your library, and select an opponent.

Before you battle, there is an edit button on the top right corner that provides some filters and effects. Add text, create a meme, rotate your picture, and filter your creation up, before selecting a friend or random opponent for the battle of your life (no, not really).

Name your battle and add some tags to get traction. “My profile” displays the number of battles, followers and people you follow, as well as challenges and activity feed sections.

SocialBattles also ranks your profile based on the “wins, losses and ties” you get. The app works as a social network itself by displaying trending photos and popular hashtags to find the most popular contestants.

SocialBattles has a very basic premise but can prove very entertaining, especially if you like looking at photos and battling other Facebook users.

Download SocialBattles for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS 7 or later (there is no native iPad app, so you’ll be stuck using a 2x app.)

What do you think of SocialBattles? Did you find the app entertaining? Please let me know in the comments section.