Vine library

As I said yesterday, Twitter is on fire! This time is not Twitter per se, but it’s brainchild Vine.

If you don’t know what Vine does, this is a simple app that enables you to record six-second videos on your iPhone or Android smartphone and upload them in just a few seconds. I like this app over YouTube, because of the immediacy it offers: open the app, tap on record, edit, and upload – yes, it is that simple.

I know that some of the videos uploaded from the phone’s camera (not the ones that are edited and come from a different source) can sometimes look awful. But Vine is an excellent way to show someone how something works – like the videos I upload to

Well, iPhone version 4.0 of Vine has got a lot better. Let’s take a look:

Snap to Beat


Snap to Beat means that you can add songs from your music library to your videos. Record a loop and tap on the music button on the lower part of the screen.

Vine syncs automatically the tune and recording to create “the perfect loop”; but if you prefer it, you can sync songs for yourself by disabling Snap to Beat. Tracks must be on your device, and you can’t use Apple Music content because of copyright restrictions.

Featured tracks

Vine app

If you don’t have any songs on your iPhone, just select one of the many featured tracks that Vine has to offer. Record a video, tap on the music button and choose a featured track on top of the screen.

Below the featured track, you will find iTunes and Spotify buttons, in case you want to buy or listen to it. Songs come from the Billboard Social 50 chart.

Music discovery

Vine app 1

If you’re browsing through Vine’s timeline and run into a vine that has a song that you don’t recognize, look for a music button to identify the track. You will find this button next to the description of the video; Vine will instantly display the name of the featured track and the band or artist behind it.

Make sure you download Vine 4.0 for iPhone here. It requires iOS 7 or later. What do you think of the new Vine?