The web is full of videos, and sometimes it takes a long time to find the best clips around.
Hype is a relatively new app that selects the most interesting videos for you and displays them with an awesome interface.

Hype is only available for iPad; that way, the content is presented on a bigger canvas, thanks to its landscape-only orientation.

Select an edition by swiping from left to right anywhere on the screen. You can go 12 days back in time to check the videos that featured on August 19.

As I said before, Hype displays content horizontally, as an interactive video magazine. Each box contains the title and duration of a video, a short description, the source and a loop from the clip playing in the background.

Each edition has six to 12 videos. Tap on a clip to start playing and do it again to share it on Twitter, iMessage, email, Facebook, and AirPlay. On this screen, there are also HD or SD buttons to select the quality of the video, perfect for when your internet is not working properly, or you have a slow connection.

You can rewind or fast-forward by pressing anywhere on the screen with your finger and moving it back and forth, respectively. Videos come from YouTube, Vimeo, and resume playing even if you close them and go back to the Home screen.

Today’s edition has a video on why Starbucks baristas misspell common names, the reaction to Snapchat by senior citizens, the highest peak in Southeast Asia and how to make a signature scent, amongst others.

I liked Hyper: it’s like having a free, simple and interactive video magazine on your hands. You don’t need to spend hours on the Internet looking for great videos; all you need to to is open Hyper and start enjoying.

Hyper requires an iPad with iOS 8 or later, and is available for free here. What do you think of Hyper? Did you like it?