Elias Pelcastre

Scout, an Android launcher that offers useful recommendations when you need them

I use Google Now Launcher on my phone because I like having easy access to Google’s digital assistant. One finger slide to the left and I can read the most popular news and get contextual news based on my location and use.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Google Now, Scout may be a launcher to check thanks to all the recommendations it provides.

You can try Scout instead of making it your default launcher, by tapping “Once” after you open the app on your Android smartphone.

Scout provides a series of recommendations based on your location. I’m out of town, and the launcher suggests using Google Maps to find my way in the city.

If I turn on Google Play Music, Scout finds the lyrics to the song I’m playing, as well as the official music video and some SoundCloud and YouTube suggestions.

Like Google Now, Scout displays your location’s weather, some interesting news articles, and places to eat (launch time is coming.)

Scout also gathers the best and most read articles on Reddit and displays a calendar with all your events. Apps are organized in drawers by important, productivity, tools and communication for easy access, and you can use the search bar to look for contacts and apps on your phone and the Play Store.

Your phone may look cluttered at first, with all of the recommendations appearing on the main screen of your Home, but you get used to this and soon enough will find the app useful.

Scout works great, even in its beta state. It provides useful information based on your location and time of the day.

You can download the app for free on the Play Store on the following link. What do you think of Scout?