I started going for a power-walk in July, Monday to Friday, but sometimes it´s difficult to keep at it. There are mornings when my first thought is “Don´t go, stay in bed a little longer”.

Tep is a “motivational activity tracker” that wants to change the way you keep active, by doing that: motivate you.

Tep is a free app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that has a very simple premise. All you need to take care of a giraffe by running, walking or cycling.

Every time you exercise you get a coin reward. You can trade it for treats that “make your virtual pet happy”.

Tep will get you signing up using an email or a Facebook account; once you do it, the app will let you know your pet, Mystique, is waiting for you. Don´t worry, you can rename your giraffe, in case you don´t like the name “Mystique”.

Tep requires permission to access your GPS location at all times, to track your speed and distance. Before you start caring for your pet, head to the “Personal” tab, inside “Options”, to change your pet´s name.

In “Options” you can also select your units and turn on or off the voice coach and app sounds. Tep also integrates with Fitbit and Jawbone, in case you have an additional tracking device.

The “Treats” section has a wide selection of food and drinks that you can get with coins. You receive from the beginning 1,500 coins to feed your virtual giraffe.

If you redeem a treat, you won’t see your giraffe eat it, which is a shame. Tep displays a diary in the form of a calendar to track all your activity and add an event by tapping on the “+” button on the right corner, so you don´t forget to exercise.

Tep is a very simple Tamagotchi-like app that wants you to get active, but especially, keep moving after a week or two. You don´t want that cute giraffe to suffer, do you?

What do you think of Tep? You can download it for free here.