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Download series and movies on Amazon Prime Video for iPhone and Android outside the US


Amazon released a new update for its Prime app that enables users to download series and movies on their devices.
Prime is a service that, for $99 a year, gives you fast deliveries and unlimited and ad-free music, movies and series online, among other things.

Now, Prime enables you to download episodes and movies on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android smartphone and tablet.

Downloading is pretty straight forward. Update or download the new Prime app on your device and look for the download button next to a film or TV episode.

Tap on the “Download” button and wait until the download finishes. You can toggle the download quality and the usage of Wi-Fi only or mobile data connection in the Settings tab.

Videos have ads, even though you pay $99 a year. The good thing is that you can watch the films and episodes you download on your Apple TV through AirPlay.

What if you live outside the US? Can you still download and watch Prime content? Yes, you can.

I’m in Mexico and got the “This video is not available in your country” after tapping the watch and download buttons. To try Prime, I downloaded Betternet on my iPhone, a free VPN app also available on Mac, PC and Android that hides your location and makes Prime think you’re in the US.

Betternet allows you to connect to the US only, and you can’t change the country. Still, it´s a great free option.

I turned off Betternet and closed the Prime app to see if I was able to play the Downtown Abbey episode I saved for offline viewing. It turns out the Prime downloaded content played even without a VPN connection, which is great if you don’t have Internet.

You can try Amazon Prime for free, and cancel your subscription right away to avoid being charged $99 after a month. Amazon Prime’s price beats subscribing to a video and music service separately, and you also get fast deliveries in the US or a country that supports Prime.

If you live elsewhere, geographical restrictions can be a pain. Nevertheless, is nice to try Prime abroad. What do you think of Amazon Prime’s new download feature? It sure beats Netflix to the curve.

Download Amazon Prime for your device here

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