Elias Pelcastre

You CAN pair an iPhone with an LG G Watch

Now you can pair a “Google” watch with an iPhone, thanks to a new – and official – Android Wear app for iOS.

The LG G Urbane was the first smartwatch to work with iPhonea. As of today Motorola, Asus and Huawei smartwatches also work with Apple phones.

You can the LG G Watch to the “unofficial” list; I have the first LG Android Wear smartwatch and could to pair it with my iPhone 6 Plus.

To do this, you need an iPhone with iOS 8.2 or later. After you install the Android Wear app for iOS, restore your LG G Watch.

Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone and pair it with your LG G Watch by following the steps on both devices’ screens. After the syncing process is over, you can start using your Android smartwatch with your iPhone.

After the break, a video of an LG G Watch paired with an iPhone:

The watch displayed my iPhone notifications, such as a new Vevo video, the weather, the stocks and a new WhatsApp message. I got to use “OK Google” to ask for the time in New York and set a reminder.

Dismiss a notification by tapping on it and swiping your finger to the left. A downside (of many I guess) is that you can’t tap on a notification and have Android Wear open the app on your iPhone.

Android Wear for iOS includes an alarm, compass, smartwatch flashlight and timer. You can change the watch face although there is a limited number of options available.

The Android Wear app says that you can also reply to Gmail messages on your watch. To do this, you need the official Gmail app installed in your phone.

In the short time I used the G Watch with an iPhone I didn’t find any problems. Although I didn’t see Google Maps in the features list.

What do you think of Android Wear for iPhone?