Elias Pelcastre

Byte://, a psychodelic way to express your thoughts

Have you ever wanted to express your ideas in a different way? There is a new app that can help you with that.

Byte lets you keep track of all your thoughts in a “psychedelic” way. To use it, you need an iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 8.0 or later – Byte is compatible with iPad, although you will be stuck using a 2x pixelated version.

Type in your phone number on the main screen and introduce the code you get via SMS message to start sharing your wildest concepts.

Tap on the box/circle button to create a new “byte”. Tap once again on the screen to add different elements to your canvas.

The computer logo with a happy face enables you to use GIFs, trending images or weather predictions, to name a few, while you can add text by tapping the “A” button. You can also make thinks more “groovy” with selfies and random backgrounds.

You can express your wildest feelings with emoji music and scribbling. And don’t forget to link to a blog, website or Facebook page.

Take a look at the simple, but nevertheless psychedelic byte I made:

Byte, also available for Mac as an alpha release, can be a great tool to keep all your thoughts in one place or share ideas with the world on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

I set my byte link as “eliaspelcastre”, so be quick and grab your personal tag before someone takes it. If you don’t like the bite you just created, you can edit it anytime you want to make it better or add new things.

Download Byte:// for free here and please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.