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This is what the new Firefox browser looks on an iPhone and iPad (Video)

Mozilla decided to release its new Firefox browser for iPhone on the New Zealand App Store. I managed to download and try the private alternative to Chrome and Safari.

The 27 MB app took a while to download, maybe because of my slow internet connection. The new iOS browser has the classic Firefox logo on a white background – something that stroke me as odd because of the plain red fox and blue world icon for computers.

Firefox displays a brief tutorial on the things that you can do with the new browser. You can browse multiple web pages using tabs, personalize your Firefox experience in the settings, and sign in with your Firefox account to have all your preferences synced between platforms.

The browsing area shows two preset favorites to quickly access the Mozilla official website and the support section.

On the top, you will find the address bar, and a window button to open a new tab. Below is the address bar where you can add your favorite websites, see your browsing history, access your synced tabs and bookmarks, and enable the reader view.

The latter reminds me of the reader option found in Safari for texts without distractions. Firefox reader view appears when you open an article with a lot of writing and lets you make the letters look bigger or smaller by pressing on the “Aa” button.

You will find the previous and next actions, as well as the refresh button on the lower part of the screen. Here you can also share and favorite a website.

Firefox lets you clear all the private data stored by the sites you visit with the push of a button. Just tap the “Clear Private Data” icon inside the browser’s Settings.

Every time you want to do a search, Firefox gives you a range of options, from Google to DuckDuckGo. If you wish to set an engine as a default, just select it in the Settings menu. The configuration option also enables you to block pop-ups windows and use compact or normal tabs.

I found that Firefox looks better on an iPad; the tablet offers a wider canvas for browsing the web, although the iPhone app feels compact and straight forward.

Take a look at Firefox on an iPad:

Mozilla will roll out the browser in App Stores around the world. If you can’t wait, just create a New Zealand account without a credit card by following these steps.

Firefox for iOS feels like a natural option for people who use the Mozilla browser on a computer. All and all, I didn’t feel Firefox that fast, but this may be subjective. What do you think of the new Firefox browser for iPhone and iPad?

If you’re in New Zealand, you can download Firefox for free here for devices with iOS 8 or later.


Firefox is now officially available in App Stores everywhere

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