Elias Pelcastre

3 cool things to check this weekend on the web or a mobile device

I have been browsing the web for cool things to share with you. Here’s what I found.

The founder of Firefox wrote his own Silicon Valley episode

According to TechCrunch, Firefox founder Blake Ross wrote his own Silicon Valley episode and shared it on a Facebook post.

I couldn’t wait 8 more months for season 3 of Silicon Valley to start, so I spent the past 48 hours writing my own episode. It picks up where season 2 left off.

You can read the 31-page PDF script here. Apparently, it’s hilarious – this according to TechCrunch’s Lucas Matney.

Redbull has a new 5-second stunt battles app

Redbull released Clashem, a new app that puts stunt videos head to head in a quick fight. Swipe your finger up or down on a clip to decide if it wins or loses.

The app gathers remarkable and dangerous stunts from people around the globe, and you can see who dominates the charts by tapping on the crown icon on the bottom of the screen.

Firefox is finally available for iPhone and iPad

If you didn’t read my post, yesterday I reviewed the new Firefox browser for iPhone and iPad. Video and everything. Read my review here, to see if it’s worth the download. The app is only available at the moment on the New Zealand App Store.

As Steve Jobs would say, “One more thing”

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