comic__60__meat_eater_hypocrisy_by_veganartbook-d8m1kxxAmericans take pride in their meat eating habits. Holidays are often celebrated with thick, juicy steaks, a largely browned turkey in the center of the table, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, chicken, and a plethora of other dishes that incorporate various types of meat in them.
Eating meat is an instinct for many. Killing animals for the sake of the human appetite dates back to the cavemen where they acted as hunters and gatherers to feed their families, often roasting their game above the fire and dishing out nutrients and protein to all.
But as time has passed, humans have developed other methods to obtain their nutrients.
Although a lot of the food options available in the world are synthetically made, there are healthy options where people can get all the necessary nutrients needed without killing animals.
Despite this, some people simply enjoy the savory taste of a juicy slab of steak on their plates. A general consensus can be made that meat taste good. Even vegetarians and vegans can admit this, as many of them were once former meat-eaters. However, some people choose to make the conscious effort to remove it from their diet not for taste reasons but for moral reasons.
In a speech given by Gary Yourofsky, a vegan and activist for animal rights, non-meat eaters are served with justification and valid reasons for their lifestyle choice. Yourofsky has made over 2,500 lectures to more than 60,000 people at 180 schools in 30 states, according to an article on Laura Marie TV. His YouTube video “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear”, he brings up points that most people never consider as they sit down and eat a dead animal with their family.
He shares an inspiring message about the cruelties of the meat and dairy industry that most people have never seen or heard of. He also discusses how the choice to consume meat and
dairy has extreme health effects on our body that most people have never even imagined. His ability to think outside of the box for going vegan is compelling and is one of the reasons why his speech really is one of the greatest speeches ever made.
A lot of people get peeved and annoyed when they are given reasons to not eat meat. However, Yourofsky admits he was a meat-eater for around 25 years and he only recently made the
choice to go vegan. He understands the meat-eating lifestyle because he lived it for so long. He also confesses that he loves the taste of meat, just as most other people do. But his choice to go vegan was at the cost of his health and his desire to live a long, healthy life.
He starts out his speech with a powerful point:

“Is slavery – owner, victim, profit, domination – exclusive to the human race? Have blacks,
Jews, women and children been the only victims of this atrocity? Have not cows been
enslaved? What about pigs, chickens, turkeys, fish, sheep? If they’re not enslaved, then what
are they? Free? Can slavery have a victim that is neither a human, nor an animal?
And what about a slaughterhouse? HOUSE…OF…SLAUGHTER.
Do you really think there is such a thing as humane slaughter? Exactly what is your definition of
humane? Besides psychological and physical abuse, torture, dismemberment and murder, what
else do you think happens to animals inside of a slaughterhouse? Do you think they get belly
rubs and tushy slaps? And if you think there is such a thing as humane slaughter. I’m curious,
do you also think there is such a thing as humane rape? Humane child molestation? Humane
slavery? How about humane holocaust?
In fact, what is your definition of a holocaust? Is it a massacre of human beings, or a massacre
of innocent beings?
Which brings us to the biggest holocaust massacre of all. Every year in America, without mercy,
we murder 10 billion land animals, and 18 billion marine animals.
Not for health, survival, sustenance or self-defense. People eat meat, cheese, milk and eggs for
4 reasons: Habit, Tradition, Convenience, Taste.”

There really is no reason why we need to eat meat. The human race simple enjoys it. As long as people don’t have to see the mass killing of these animals occur, they can shamelessly and mercilessly consume animal products.
Animals are living creatures on this planet, just like human beings are. Yourofsky makes an excellent point in that just because we can talk, walk, and create cities, we consider ourselves to be above other life on this planet. But animals do not belong to us. They are living, breathing animate beings that can think and feel… just like us. Just because we cannot hear their thoughts and know what they are feeling, does not mean we have the right to kill them for human consumption.

2163675370_a2fa8bcd92_bWhat is even more astounding is the point Yourofsky brings up in the propaganda of animal products. Commercials and billboards (amongst the wide variety of other advertising
techniques) shove happy thoughts about animal product consumption down our throats and we eat it up.



The water troughs inside force feeding facilities often become filled with regurgitated food. (Photo by Farm Sanctuary)

“Happy cows come from California. Real California Cheese…”
Do you really think the cows are happy?

“Did you ever wonder why McDonald’s and Burger King and Wendy’s never show you those images in their TV ads? Instead they show you smiling cartoon caricatures of animals singing
and dancing and playing, LYING to you. Brainwashing you. Programming you not to care about
things you would normally care about things that you used to care about.”

As kids, we used to love animals. It warms our hearts to see our fluffy, furry friends playing with us. So what went wrong? At what point in our lives did we have the sudden disconnect to animals on this planet? At what point did we stop caring how animals were treated? At what point did our desire for meat overpower our desire for peace?
Yourofsky makes a good point about the fact that neither the cows, nor you should feel happy about consuming these products as they are killing animals and are also killing you:

“The propaganda from the animal abusers is enormous! I mean, when was the last time you
turned on TV and saw a commercial for shiitake mushrooms? People singing and dancing down
the streets, having a good time eating mushrooms? How about alfalfa spouts? Quinoa? (It’s a
seed) Radishes? Raspberries? Tofu? You don’t see that stuff advertised on TV. What you see

HAVE SOME MORE MEAT! HAVE SOME MORE CHEESE! Have some more cheese on your
meat! Meat, cheese, double cheese, extra cheese, and how about a little more cheese with your
meat? Have some more cows milk, have some more eggs! And then what do you see
interspersed between those advertisements?

“Not feeling so well?” “Need to see a cancer specialist?” “How about a heart doctor?” “Needs
some Lipitor? Zocor? Crestor? Plavix?” “Needs some diet pills?” “How about some energy
drinks?” “Some Kaopectate?” “Tums!” “Pepto Bismol.”

They’re killing you, they’re killing the animals, and they’re killing this planet.”

Yourofsky shows the following video during his speeches and as a warning, some parts are difficult to watch. But if you are a consumer of animal products, you should watch it:

Many people who watch the video have a hard time watching the whole thing. It is hard to see such cruelty unfold in front of your eyes. But as Yourofsky states, if you feel comfortable eating meat, cheese, eggs, and dairy, then you have the obligation to see what animals must endure to suffice your appetite. During his speech he says,

… if you do feel the need to turn away or
close your eyes during this video, you might want to ask yourself a question: If it’s not good enough for my eyes, then why is it good enough for my stomach?

Another point he makes is that people are born vegan. We have intestines the same length of all herbivore animals on this planet. Meat eaters have a much shorter intestinal track so their bodies can quickly process decaying and rotting meat. This is what makes it impossible for a real meat eater to ever clog their arteries. Not only that but our teeth are flat and do not match the sharp incisors carnivores possess.
Yourofsky gave an interactive challenge to the audience during his speech, asking students to find a squirrel on campus, chase it down and catch it with their mouths and eat it. A real carnivore would have this natural instinct and would eat its “Eyes, nose, face, toes, tail, anus,
inner organs, blood, fur and don’t forget about the brains. You don’t get to pick and choose which body parts you want to eat, and you don’t get to cook it either.”

He then presented another challenge:

find a 2-year-old child, place the child in a crib. In the
crib put 2 things: a live bunny rabbit and an apple. If the child eats the bunny rabbit and plays with the apple, send me an email, would you let me know, because I’m gonna come back and buy everyone in this room a brand new car if that happens.

Yourofsky presented the audience with plenty of opportunity to retaliate against anything he was saying, but what makes it so enticing is that even people who claim to be the biggest meat eaters, could not argue with his reasoning.
Going vegan, or at least trying to modify your diet to be considerate of animals’ lives as well as your own life, will eliminate a lot of health problems. According to Yourofsky’s speech, “You can
take out around 95% of saturated fat, when you go vegan.”
The main problem people have when going vegan is eliminating cheese. Our society has become so accustomed to dousing every meal with cheese. There’s cheese on fries, sandwiches, pasta, soups, vegetables, etc. But Yourofsky had a way to make people think differently about cheese as well. Cheese is made from milk, which we also do not need in our diets.
Yourofsky made a decent point about why we should not be consuming any form of milk because it is

a liquid that oozes out of the utters of cows, a secretion that drips from the
mammary glands of another being, that’s loaded with pus by the way. When you hook machines up to the udders of cows three times a day to suck them dry, those machines cause massive amounts of infections on the inside and outside of the udder.

Now let’s add all the bovine growth hormone they put in cows to make sure they provide huge quantities of milk, which always leads to another infection. The machine doesn’t know what not to suck out! Pus, mucus and infections right in with your milk, and yeah milk is pasteurized… But when did pasteurization become a removal process? It’s a sanitation process! You’re only sanitizing pus, and you want to look this up online. Well you don’t think the dairy industry would ever use the word ‘pus’ when they write about this problem in their own trade journals, yeah they’re gonna deceive you again with this… Look up the scientific term for pus: “Somatic Cell Count”. And by the way, our government, the USDA, they allow the dairy industry to have a maximum amount of one eye dropper full of pus in every glass of milk.

In order for a female mammal to give milk, she has to be pregnant. Every year, every cow on every dairy farm is raped! A long steel device, shoved into their vaginas to inject them with bull semen, or sometimes they use a bare hand. This forces the milk flow. And after she gives birth, babies are stolen. And let me tell you something, the worse scream I have ever heard, and I’ve heard them all first hand.

And I can only imagine, the same scream every woman in this room would make, if somebody held you down after birth and stole your newborn baby from you.

And why do they take babies away from their mom? Well, the dairy industry can’t have little babies sucking up all that milk that was meant for them, when they rather sell it to you instead. Every time you have a glass of cow milk, some calf is not. And mother cows make milk for one reason anyways.
Nature took care of this one at the beginning of time: Cows make milk for their babies and for their babies alone. Case is closed! Forever! Permanently! No debate. No discussion.

They don’t make milk for baby elephants… baby orangutans, baby hedgehogs, baby rabbits, baby rats, baby humans, adolescence humans or adult humans. This body of ours has absolutely no need for cow milk, like it has absolutely no need for giraffe milk. And zebra milk and rhinoceros milk, hippopotamus milk, camel milk, deer milk, antelope milk, horse milk, pig milk, dog milk and cat milk. The only milk that we ever need is our own mother breast milk when we’re born. And that’s it!

Not only do meat-eaters and animals suffer from our species consuming animal products but meat-eating societies are also the root cause of world hunger, according to Yourofsky. “Sixty-five percent of the world’s grains are set aside every year to feed 53 billion land animals that are killed every year on this planet.”

Although Yourofsky makes a compelling argument and gives a multitude of reasons why it would be the best choice to go vegan and to raise our children this way (who are naturally born herbivores), he is in no way trying to convert all audience members to go vegan. He understands this is not a reality in the society we live in. He is simply trying to make the world have more compassion for our animals and understand the health risks on both sides of the food chain that come with our insatiable desire for meat.

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For a full transcription of his speech, visit the following site.