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Watch everything Apple announced today in under 2 minutes (Video)

Did you miss the Apple event? You can watch the full-length presentation on your Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV on Apple´s dedicated website.

In case, you don´t have 2 hours to spare, you should check the following 2-minute video, where you can get the “Hey Siri” event digested for you in less than 120 seconds.

Originally posted by the Times website, the following video synopsis summarizes everything Tim Cook and company introduced today.

Have a look (on your computer, if you’re on a mobile device, access the Time’s post here):

I can´t say I was surprised by everything that was announced during the keynote. Apple is not as unexpected as it used to be when Steve Jobs was the CEO.

Most of the rumors out there were right on the money. Apple didn´t even bother to come up with more clever names for the new product lineup.

The days of Apple surprises may be over, or what do you think? Did you like anything that the company showed during the keynote? Are you going to spend your money on a comically large iPad Pro or an almost-the-same iPhone 6S?

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