Elias Pelcastre

This disposable email service helps you avoid an inbox full of spam

Most of the apps available for Android and iPhone (or iPad) ask new users for an email. You practically end up giving your address to all these third-party services, and never know what they do with it.

Your email address could be sold for marketing reasons, and you could end up with an inbox full of spam. Maildrop wants to function as a disposable intermediary whenever you need an email to start using a new app or service, or you don´t want to provide your real address.

Maildrop is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is create a temporary mail by entering a username – mine is eliaspelcastre@maildrop.cc. No need to register or create an account.

You get a temporary inbox, in case you receive an activation message. Maildrop has a 100kb cap and says that all attachments are removed and discarded. “This means no sending files to an inbox”.

If you don´t receive an email in 24 hours, your inbox will disappear “to make room for more active inboxes”. There is also a 10 message limit for each and every inbox.

I tried Maildrop by self-sending me an email with a Google account. It works just fine; all you need to do is tap “Reload” to refresh your inbox and read your new messages. The emails you get will be erased after you read them.

Maildrop is a very useful tool, especially for those moments when you need an email to create an account but don´t want to risk your precious account to any spam or advertising messages.

What do you think of Maildrop? Did you like it? Please let me know in the comment section. You can also use my Maildrop account to send me a line if you want to test the service.

By the way, thank you for reading eliaspelcastre.com 😉