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Watch and download Gamechangers on iPlayer outside the UK


A week ago I told you that you could watch Daniel Radcliffe´s Grand Theft Auto film, The Gamechangers, which premiered yesterday, outside the UK.

Now, I´m here to tell you that YES, you can still watch the 89-minute “factual drama” on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch wherever you are.

All you need is iPlayer and a VPN app. I´m assuming that you have a UK iTunes account – otherwise, you can get one without a credit card with these simple instructions – that you can use to download BBC´s catch-up app.

My current network provider is blocking TunnelBear, a fairly accessible $3.99-a-month VPN for mobile devices, so I decided to try UK VPN. This free app comes with a 3-day cost-free trial.

You don´t need to give credit card details or link your iTunes account to start using UK VPN. It automatically gives you a free trial once you open the app and guides you through an easy setup.

Turn on the VPN on your device´s settings, open iPlayer and do a quick search for “The Gamechangers” (it is not available on iPlayer´s Home screen.)

The Gamechangers’ screen comes with both play and download buttons. The film weighs 512 MB and will appear inside the “Menu” section located on the top left corner.

I recommend you hurry, though, as the drama will only be available for the next 29 days.

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