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3 apps to replace unlimited reading service Oyster on your mobile device

Oyster, a service that offers over 1 million titles and was known as the Netflix of books announced that it will close its doors “in early 2016”.

Rumor has it that Google poached co-founders Eric Stromberg, Andrew Brown, and Willem Van Lancker.

Users will still be able to keep using the mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as the computer version, throught 2015 and get a refund on any books they bought through Oyster.

What if you want to keep bing-reading books on your mobile device? Here are three alternatives for Android and iOS smartphone or tablet, as well as Mac or PC computers.


Scribd offers books in over 80 languages and a sync feature that lets you keep reading where you left off on your mobile, tablet, and web. The app offers a premium subscription of $8.99 a month across Android, iOS and desktop, with a 30-day trial to test the service.

The app lets you bookmark any page and keep reading on a different device, and download books to your phone or tablet. You can also make the text bigger or smaller, and share the books you´re reading by email, Twitter or Facebook.

Scribd requires Android 4.0.3 and iOS 7, or later, and is compatible with Apple Watch.

Amazon Kindle

The official Amazon Kindle app opens up a world of over 3 million books and audiobooks.

You can buy a title on Amazon and read it on your Android or iOS device, or subscribe to Amazon Prime for unlimited titles.

By the way, Amazon will have a one-day sale on Friday. First-time subscribers can get a third off the regular $99-a-year tier and end up paying $67 for unlimited books, songs, movies, and films.

Amazon Kindle requires iOS 7 or later, and the version varies on Android.


Wattpad could be the seen as the best option in case you´re looking for an alternative to reading books, or “stories” without having to pay a penny. The free app has over 20 million assorted genres including sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and romance.

Wattpad mobile has an “Aa” button to change the size of the text, a share option to send stories over Twitter, email, and Facebook, and a Favorite icon to like a story.

What app do you like the most for reading unlimited books? Please leave your comments below, and thank you for reading eliaspelcastre.com.