Elias Pelcastre

How to use Together, Google´s response to Apple Watch´s Digital Touch

While the Apple Watch lets you send a sketch, tap, and heartbeat, Google has come up with its Digital Touch counterpart: Together.

The search giant´s slogan for Android is “Be together, not the same”, and I think that the phrase had something to do with Android Wear´s new “sharing” feature.

Together lets you send funny stuff to people with Android Wear smartwatches. An emoji or a doodle, a photo or a sticker – even your activity; all you have to do is pair your smartwatch with a friend, and you´re ready to bother each other constantly.

To use Together, you can either pair your smartwatch with your friend over Bluetooth or an email link. Together requires an Android smartphone with Android Wear, and is not yet compatible with iOS devices.

I used Together with Leonardo Pelcastre, one of eliaspelcastre.com´s awesome contributors that you can follow here. He is in Sweden while I´m in Mexico.

Leonardo sent me an email with the Together link; once I opened it, I was redirected to the Android Wear app on the Moto G.

Together asked me if I accepted to pair my smartwatch with Leonardo´s. After following through, I got to adjust some settings like sharing my activity and enable a vibration with every new message.

Take a look at how Together works:

Together lets you draw a doodle or an emoji, snap a photo with your smartphone and share it with your friends with a tap. Just touch twice on your smartwatch´s home screen, select Together from the list of apps and choose something to send to your friend.

From my point of view, Together offers a wider selection of ways to stay connected with someone, as you can send stickers, photos, and activity, among other things. Did you like Together on Android Wear?