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Is it comfortable to blog on Facebook Notes?

Facebook Notes has a new interface that could potentially enable publishers to posts articles and turn this into an editorial tool. Is it useful? How does it stack up against WordPress? Read my impressions, taken from Notes, here.

I normally use WordPress to write my posts on eliaspelcastre.com, but I decided to write this article straight from Facebook Notes. What are my impressions?

Fist of all, you need to use a computer to blog on Notes. There is no mobile support, compared to WordPress’s ability to blog on mobile Safari or Chrome. The only people that can read your posts are your friends and “friends of your friends”.

I liked the heading image that allows me to upload a picture from my computer and move it up and down to best accommodate it on the top. I just noticed Facebook Notes comes with an orthographic corrector (yeah, it corrected the word “orthographic” right away after I misspelled it.)

A sidebar follows me every time I move between paragraphs or indeed start a new one. The bar enables you to insert an image, which you can adjust and caption, change the size of the font to H1 or H2, add bullet points and quotations and insert what looks like to be code.

Let’s try inserting the new video of BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen struggling while using the company’s new Android phone, BlackBerry Priv:

<iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/PouC0QxEo7E” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>

Things flow very well on Facebook Notes. You can highlight a word or phrase and insert a link and change the font to bold, italic and mono.

Facebook Notes has a very slick and flat interface that makes writing very compelling. There are no extra features that make the platform confusing and “scary”, which could be perfect who want to get publishing online.

What I missed is WordPress’ word count at the end of the post, the ability to add categories and tags and a way to center or justify the text I’m writing. You can’t just use an image from an existent URL, as you need to upload it from your computer.

Still, Facebook Notes could prove useful for people who live on Facebook and want to share things with friends and contacts.

It remains to be seen if publishers can take advantage of this “new” tool, with the “friend barrier” and the lack of Google Ads support – or for that matter, any form of revenue source. What do you think of the new Facebook Notes layout? Are you going to use it as a way of publishing tool?

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I just noticed that the “{}” symbol doesn’t add the code to YouTube. I just noticed that the “{}” symbol doesn’t add the code to YouTube. You can also edit posts, but will leave the code to exemplify the use of Notes.

You can read the post on Facebook Notes on these images I captured on my iPad (image 1 | image 2).