Elias Pelcastre

I tried Facebook’s new video profile picture feature on iPhone

Last week, Facebook released a new feature that enables users to upload “video profile pictures”, or in other words, looping 7-second videos you can use as profile images.

The social network started the rollout of the new mobile feature in the US and the UK, and I managed to try it.

First of all, video profile pictures are only available for iPhone users. The new feature lives inside the mobile app and doesn´t come with an app update.

Once I logged in with my UK Facebook account – which, by the way, I had de-activated – I went straight to my profile. My Facebook photo displayed a small icon in the bottom that switched intermittently between a camera and a video recorder.

I tapped on the blinking icon and saw “Take a New Profile Video” as the first option. You can record up to 7 seconds and make the video your new profile picture.

Facebook will ask you to choose a thumbnail photo for when the video is not playing. Just click “Save” and the social network will start processing your loop.

It took just a few seconds and a notification popped up to let me know my profile video was “public”. Mm, I don’t like how I look.

You can’t pick an existing video in your library, or even select a loop you already recorded. That in case you set a photo as your profile and decide to change it back to your video profile.

Take a look at how it works:

Facebook’s iPhone app also brings a new layout, with a “better way to present information about you and your friends in a more visually engaging way”.

Your friends and photos appear at the top of your profile, and the app has a simpler and whiter interface.

I wasn’t amazed by the new feature. I think it will open the gate to a range of crazy and poorly recorded videos (unlike the professional takes Facebook decided to showcase on its promotional video.)

What do you think of Facebook’s update for iPhone profiles?