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How to star a message on Whatsapp´s new iPhone update

I always read the changes made to an app on the App Store update description. That way I can find out any new features that come with a new version of an app I use.

I just opened the App Store on my iPhone and saw that WhatsApp´s version 2.12.7 was waiting for me to update manually. The update brings the following: Starred messages.

What´s a “starred message”? That´s WhatsApp way of calling a way of setting a text as a favorite. How do you do it?

Open WhatsApp and head to the Chats section. Tap and hold on any message and select the star icon on the far left of the floating black menu. That way you can “easily find it later”, according to WhatsApp´s App Store description.

You can access your starred messages inside the contact´s information area. You can also do a quick search inside the chat section and look for a starred message to see a dedicated result section.

And if you want to delete a star on a text, tap on a message inside “Starred Messages”, hold and tap on the text, and select the star again. WhatsApp will delete the message you favorited.

Now you can find the texts you love without spending a lot of time scrolling inside a conversation. By the way, Android doesn´t seem to support starred messages yet – hopefully, that will change very soon. What do you think of WhatsApp´s new feature?

Download WhatsApp 2.12.7 free for iPhone with iOS 6 or later here


Whatsapp added a “Starred Messages” section to the app’s settings.

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