Elias Pelcastre

Aurous: not as good as Spotify, yet

Aurous is supposed to be the Popcorn Time of music, offering ad-free tracks and playlists for “free music, whenever, wherever.” Does it deliver?

First of all, and something to consider before downloading Aurous is that the new software is in alpha stage. That means that you will get some bugs while using it.

I´m on a Mac and had to install the latest Java developing kit before opening the app; otherwise the Aurous icon would jump three times and disappear for no apparent reason.

Aurous took half an hour to “update.” Then, a window popped up with three featured songs, a search bar and a left-side “Playlists” menu.

The first thing I did was to look for Demi Lovato´s new single “Confident”, just to get Aurous to tell me the track wasn´t available. Second try: “What do you mean?,” by Justin Bieber. Score.

Aurous offers good sound quality, but don´t expect to find a library as well-organized as the one offered by Spotify or Apple Music. Some tracks don´t have album artwork, and there is no album section available. Only an endless list of songs.

Apparently, you can add songs to a playlist by tapping on the three dotted button on the left side of a song, but my elected tracks never appeared on my newly-created “Tracks” playlist.

And if you click on the “+” icon next to a song you can download the mp3 file. To do this, you need to set a folder in the “Advanced” tab inside the settings option. Here you can also set a profile picture and a username, as well as the search engine for the software.

Aurous´ interface tries to imitate Spotify´s clean and dark-themed desktop app. Nevertheless, I would advise you to stick to Spotify´s free tier while Aurous irons the bugs and organizes its music library.

Still, it´s good to know we have another free option available.