Elias Pelcastre

Make America Psycho Again, Fall Out Boy’s first remix album (Review)


The American rock band Fall Out Boy decided to release an impromptu remix of American Beauty/American Psycho not even a year from the album’s official release.

Make America Psycho Again includes the original 11 track list, each song with featured artists that makes this a collaboration album.

Listening to the record, especially after rocking to the original since it hit stores on January 15, is like running into a rocker friend that now likes hip-hop (and a bit of reggae.)

I felt weird listening to fast-paced American Beauty/American Psycho tune to a slower, “hippie” if you will, rhythm. That is true for most of Make America Psycho Again.

If you happen to like hip-hop, and coincidentally enough Fall Out Boy, you’re in for a treat. The songs mix pretty nice, and you’ll find yourself rapping to the rhythm of Joey Bada$$, OG Maco and Big K.R.I.T.

For me, the best collaboration was Wiz Khalifa’s, which was specially reserved for the acclaimed and No. 1 iTunes Chart hit Uma Thurman. Immortals, which was part of Disney’s Big Hero 6 film has a more “dark” tone while Jet Pack Blues feels more “gangsta”.

If you liked the original album, I don’t think you’ll find yourself trading it for the remixed version. Make America Psycho Again can’t compare to Linkin Park’s Reanimation, a remix that turned Hybrid Theory into a completely different album.

Nevertheless, I recommend you give Fall Out Boy’s first remix record a try. But only if you’re not afraid of the album screwing up the masterpiece that was American Beauty/American Psycho.

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