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Album review: Delirium, by Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is back with a third studio record that will undoubtedly shoot the British artist’s to global stardom, thanks to her participation in the soundtrack of the worldwide acclaimed film Fifty Shades of Gray and a new sound.

Delirium is, as Ellie Goulding once said, an experiment, or in her words, a “big pop album”. Sadness and heartbreak still rule the theme of the record, but in an upbeat, less Figure 8 dark tone. Moving on from a more shy Writer, and with the spirit of what put her on radios everywhere, Lights, you can feel Ellie’s conscious decision to assert her dominion in the pop world.

Arguably, Lost and Found and Army seem to keep Ellie faithful to her roots, although with a more mature and explicit language. Devotion could be considered the “most pop” and dance tune, besides deluxe-edition Outside, a collaboration originally featured on Calvin Harris’ Motion album.

Aftertaste feels like a remanent of Lights’ Every Time You Go. “I know there’s nothing that I can do to make you stay.” While Don’t Need Nobody and Keep On Dancin display a new self-confidence and a lack of interest for what everyone thinks, respectively.

Around U immediately revealed a Taylor Swift inspiration, thanks to its Shake It Off sound but with an Ellie spin. “When I look into your eyes, boy I feel delirious, but you know this is serious, I’m sticking to you like glue.”

Even “slow” songs like We Can’t Move To This and final track Scream It Out have that pop rhythm embedded. Overall, Delirium is a very enjoyable pop mix that breaks from the inherent “depression” from previous Lights and Halcyon. But as I said from the beginning, sadness is still there, but in a “let’s go dancing instead of just staying home moping around” sense – a fact that could potentially keep fans happy.

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