Elias Pelcastre

How to share a music clip with the new Facebook Music Stories

It looks like Facebook wants to be your go-to service for everything. From news stories to videos, Facebook is fighting hard to be your hub of information.

Now it’s the turn for music, as the social network begun the rollout of a new feature to discover tunes and never leave its site unless you want to listen to the full track you just discovered.

Music Stories is a very basic but effective way of sharing songs and letting your family and friends listen what you’re into without crawling out of Facebook.

Facebook’s relatively small add-on lets you share a Spotify or Apple Music 30-second preview that your contacts can stream. There’s no need to be a subscriber or even install the app of the music service in question; just tap the play button on the song to get a quick taste. Your contacts can then add a song to a Spotify or Apple Music playlist, or buy make a purchase on iTunes.

To use the new Facebook Music Stories all you have to do is copy the link of an album on Spotify or Apple Music, open Facebook (the app or web version) and paste the link. Remember to tap space after you embed the link, so Facebook generates a music carousel with all the tracks from the record you’re sharing.

I tried pasting and individual song, but Facebook only attached an “open” action button instead of the Music Stories interactive carousel. Take a look at how Facebook Music Stories works:

Music Stories will roll out to iOS and web users, so don’t worry if you can’t still see it when sharing albums. Music Stories brings a new and more interactive way of previewing songs on Facebook.

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