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PlayTime Radio lets you listen to your favourite songs and discover new music for free

I get why people are reluctant to subscribe to music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music. You end up listening to the same tunes over and over and paying $10 a month – unless you consciously set yourself the task of discovering new artists and songs.

PlayTime Radio aims to let you play the songs you like while discovering new music. All for free and without annoying ads.

Available for smartphones and tablets with Android 3.0 or later, PlayTime works as a radio and music streaming app, meaning that you get to decide which artists and tracks to listen; this in a radio format where you can also discover radio stations and experience new music.

The best is you don´t have to sit through a tide of ads to enjoy your favorite songs or artists. Pick an artist or a song, and PlayTime will tell you how many stations are playing your selection.

The app enables you to change channels and avoid commercials, and most of the times it even cuts the ads and switches tracks automatically. The downside is that most of the songs that follow are already started, so you end up listening to a cut version.

If you’re not sure what mood you´re in, tap the “Stations” button in the top right of the Home and select a decade. Not the music type? Touch the left hamburger menu to listen to the news, sports or talk shows from around the world.

You can “heart” pretty much anything and access it later in the “Favorites” section. The app offers unlimited skipping and back and forward buttons, features that set the service apart from other radio services.

PlayTime streams radio-quality tracks but gives you the chance to choose individual songs, start stations based on your favorite songs or artists, and discover new music in just one app.

I liked PlayTime, as it just works. Even though the streaming quality is low and tracks get cut, nothing beats ad–and–cost–free music.

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